What is the necessity to build a temple?

  • Current building is old and requires retro-fitting
  • Current building is under constant renovation & Maintenance
  • Traditional and beautiful Rajagopuram
  • Ability to do Pradakshina/Pragaram
  • Space for Chariot to circumambulate around the temple
  • More worship area
  • Separate sanctum for Shiva

What is the objective of this project?

  • To build a temple fulfilling the requirements of a traditional Murugan temple.

Why in Concord?

  • Since the current temple exists in Concord, we stay in the same location.

What is the progress made so far?

  • Acquired the land next to the temple and now we have close to one acre land.
  • Raised close to $250,000.
  • Working with Architect, Stapathi & City of Concord.
  • Close to finalizing plans.
  • Process of trying to acquire additional land for parking

Are donations to Shiva Murugan Temple tax deductible?

  • Yes

What is Shiva Murugan Temple's tax identification number?

  • 68-0351133

Which credit cards do you accept?

  • Amex, Visa, Mastercard and Discover

Can I establish a recurring contribution deducted from my credit card or checking account?

  • Yes, from Checking account

What is the process to set up recurring contribution?

  • Best Method - Set up Bill Pay through your Bank
  • { Shiva Murugan Temple
  • 1803 Second St,
  • Concord, Ca 94519
  • Write in the Memo – Temple expansion }

Can I donate to Shiva Murugan Temple by check?

  • Yes, make check payable to Shiva Murugan Temple (Construction)

Write you email id in the check.

  • Mail the check to Shiva Murugan Temple
  • 1803 Second St, Concord CA 94519

Can I make a donation to Shiva Murugan Temple through PayPal?

  • Not currently

Can I donate securities (stocks or bonds)?

  • Yes

What is the procedure or process of security donation?

  • Detailed explanation below at end of document

Is there a tax advantage to donating security?

  • Please consult your CPA

Can I designate my donation to a certain program or part of project?

  • Yes, however, all donor recognition is on the wall of donors.

How does Shiva Murugan Temple remain accountable to its donors?

  • Progress of project will be updated regularly on the website
  • The temple accounts are available for review

Can I donate for Shiva Murugan Temple through my will or estate?

  • Yes

How do I get my tax receipt?

  • You either print the tax receipt to your devotee account or year end tax statement

When do you plan to start the construction?

  • Upon achieving City approval and collection of 30% of estimated funds required which is $5 million
  • Our goal is to start by end of 2013

How many phases are there in the project?

  • Minimum of 4 phases, to be finalized when we have final plans

What idols are going to be in the new temple?

  • Main deities - Ganesha, Shiva, Parvati, Murugan & Durga

Are you planning to have a culture hall?

  • Yes

How donors are going to be recognized?

  • Wall of donors - Donors of $10,000 & above

Do you have a kitchen in the plan?

  • Yes

Do you plan to have a library?

  • Currently undecided

What is the procedure for security donation?

Securities transfer process - If the account is in Fidelity Investment Letter of Instruction Needs to contain the following information

1. Account number of donor and Name
2. Account number of receiver, Tax ID and Name

  • Shiva Murugan Temple
  • A/C 184-276049
  • Tax ID: 68-03-51133

3. This needs to be signed and mailed to Fidelity Investment or dropped off in one of their offices.If the donation is more than $10,000, a signature grantee (guarantee???) is required. This can be done in any bank.

  • Normal mailing address
    P.O.Box 770001
    Cincinnati, OH 45277-0039
  • Overnight Mailing address
    100 Crosby Parkway
    Mailzone KC1C
    Covington, KY 41015-4325

If the donor account is other than Fidelity Investment they need to follow their investment company’s direction.

Need to provide the following information
DTC – 0226

1. Account number of receiver, Tax ID and Name

  • Shiva Murugan Temple
  • A/C 184-276049
  • Tax ID: 68-03-51133